Five New Year’s Affirmations You Will Really Want to Make

As well as all the people who love this time of year, for many Xmas and New Year Season can be hard, let’s face it. It’s a time of compulsory socialising, exposure to alcohol, excessive spending, social pressure in uncertain economic times and at times like these, a sense of frenzy at the state of the world all thrown in.

So how can you start 2024 the way you mean to go on?

Most resolutions and plans start in January, be it detoxing, holidays plans or the start of a new business strategy, either way the pressure is on to make it work – well.

So, how about if we changed all of that, TODAY?

How about if you started inwards, and worked outwards, to establish something which was fully in alignment with your values, beliefs and had you at the centre of it?

What if everything really in the end comes from a sense of meaningful connection to reach abundance, joy, fulfilment, regardless of what the end goal is?  It has the potential of influencing every area of your life.

Here are 5 New Year’s Affirmations you will REALLY want to make, trust me, you will thank me, and you will more importantly, be forever grateful to yourself for putting yourself at the centre of the change you wish to make.

  1. Be healthy – slowly.  Each day, do something that will help you nourish yourself with good nutritious foods, balanced meals and regular meals. Your body will love this, no aggressive diets, just enjoyable slow eating which is good for you.
  1. Be happy and move around – daily.  Each day, do something which brings you joy, be it a 20 minute break taking in that rare much needed midwinter sun, a walk or dancing to your favourite song in your kitchen, ok, that is two things, but they are related!
  1. Do more of that –  do more of what makes you happy. Every month, create the space to spread the joy in your own life so that you yourself feel radiant, abundant, more uplifted every day, paint or run or sing or whatever you love to do, start to do it all the time.
  1. Give – spread the goodwill. Through random acts of kindness, give to charity, help a neighbour, smile at someone, give compliments, give flowers, send a card, this raises your joy levels and everyone else’s, give in a way which won’t drain you, find out what that is so you feel you want to do it again.
  1. Get intentional – with your gratitude. Get up early, breathe deeply and set an intention for the day, write it down and be conscious, and each night give thanks to at least 3 things which created something good for YOU.

So take the pressure off, enjoy the new year, knowing you really can create something amazing.  Do tell me how you get on with these New Year’s affirmations.

Angie Litvinoff is the Founder of Women Who Rise, and an advocate of Finding your Joy and Birthing Your True Self.  You can find out more about our member and her life changing training, workshops, mentoring & community here:

Angie Litvinoff

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