Chiltern Biz Collective – The Community for Independent Small Business in The Chilterns

Our Values

Local First

Supporting local is at our core. We champion, promote and encourage everyone to Shop Local. There is a wealth of talent and entrepreneurship right here on our doorstep in The Chilterns, and we want to share this with everyone! 

Whenever we are sourcing new goods or services, we will always endeavour to use local businesses first. 

Mutual Support

The support you and your business needs are as unique as you are – depending on where you are in your business journey we are here to support each other.  We do this through providing practical guidance, facilitating connections to create opportunities, cheering you along or just being a listening ear when you need it most. 

We encourage you to give as much as you receive; providing support can be incredibly rewarding. By sharing your own advice and experiences it can often help you reflect and grow, as well as supporting others’ growth.

Welcoming for All

However you work with us you will always be welcome, just as you are. 

We don’t put any restrictions on who can join our membership, attend our events or get involved with our collective. Whatever stage you’re at with your business we welcome you. 

Genuine Connections

Our community is about building connections & fostering relationships; that’s what we focus on. Connections to support you, collaborate with and cheer you along. We will always treat each other with respect, positivity,  kindness and in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

When building connections we put support at the centre, rather than looking to make a sale; this is what we believe leads to long term & genuine relationships that will help your business thrive. 

Collaborative Encouragement

We respect the value in each other’s businesses. As a community,we cheer each other on, regardless of how our businesses may interact together, and will always seek collaboration over competition. 

We encourage each other to seek out opportunities, realise potential and grow our individual businesses. 

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