Tips for Better Sleep

In March, I went live on Instagram with Kate from Happy Healthy You Your Way to talk all about sleep and get her tips for better sleep. You can watch the full conversation here.

We talked about how important sleep is for all aspects of our life, but also how, with our busy modern lives, our brains are always active so it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Kate’s Tips for Better Sleep

  • Set up the right environment
    • Ensure the temperature is right
    • Make sure it’s dark;
    • Try a scented sleep spray
  • Set a calming routine
    • Take a bath
    • Read a book
  • Do a meditation
    • Try ‘cup of calm’ by focusing your senses on your nighttime cup of tea
    • Do a body scan
    • Download Kate’s meditation here
  • Clear your mind
    • Write a to do list for the next year
    • Journal to get everything out
  • Exercise
  • Avoid caffeine and eating too late
  • Avoid watching TV or being on your phone

More Sleep Talk

Kate shared how it is generally recommended to get 7-8 hours sleep a night, but she has found she works well on 6 hours. Sleep is an individual thing so it’s good to work out what you need and set your own routine.

I also asked Kate about what to do if you wake up in the night. She recommended trying meditation (a simple body scan can help) or pick up a book to read for a while before you feel ready to try to get to sleep.

If you’re really suffering with sleep and have tried different holistic methods, then do go to see a doctor to rule out anything underlying conditions that may be affecting your sleep.

Find Out More

To find out more about Kate’s tips for better sleep watch the full conversation on Instagram.

You can find Kate on our Local Business Directory, follow her on Instagram or visit her website to find out more about what she offers.

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